I have been a Professional Photographer in the Hudson Valley for 16 years, and for many years before as an amateur.  I specialize in weddings, family and lifestyle photography.  I am most comfortable in "my skin" with a camera in my hand. I believe you need to see something beautiful every day...what constitutes beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder. Photography lets me share my unique view of the world with others. It amazes me that when I take a picture, that moment is gone forever, but then I can "hold" that moment in my hands again. I enjoy completely the happiness my photography brings to others!

I love nature, time with family and friends, walking around the Hudson Valley with my dog Stella and gardening.  I am a second grade teacher as well as a photographer.  I have worked with children of all levels of energy, many different personalities and children with physical and mental disabilities.  Flexibility and patience are two of my strengths!

I look forward to working with you & your family!

Cynthia Starr

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