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Wedding Day Details

As a wedding photographer, I am often asked by the bride and groom what should be available for photographs on their wedding day. My advice to the bride and groom is to think about what you want to remember about your special day. An invitation, the shoes, the jewelry, the rings, an item from a grandmother or grandfather or photographs of cherished relatives who have passed are all great memories to capture in photos. Hanging your wedding dress in a pretty, well-lit location, on a decorative hanger makes for lovely pictures. Windows can offer beautiful backlighting for a wedding gown. Also, be sure your flowers are delivered before the “getting ready” pictures begin.

While some details can be planned for, others are up to your photographer to catch. These are the details you will want to see when your day has come and gone. It may be easy to remember the big things, such as the ceremony, the cake or the venue…but will you remember the beautiful details of your ceremony…the wedding program, the candles, flowers, the way the light was shining that day, your grandmother’s expression as you walk down the aisle? These are moments I strive to capture with every wedding. My experience with lighting, both natural and flash, allows me to capture your day in a beautiful, artistic way.

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Things to think about for your wedding day photography:

Above all, rely on your photographer to answer any questions you have and meet ahead of time to discuss details of your special day. Your wedding photographer should be happy to help you with any questions or concerns.

• Have shoes, jewelry, garter, etc. ready for your photographer.

• Is there anything else important or sentimental to you that you would like in your photographs?

• Be sure flowers are scheduled to be delivered before the photographer arrives.

• Photographs of cherished relatives who have passed or are unable to attend can be included in detail shots.

• Have an invitation available, also some brides like to include shower invitations as well.

• Hang your wedding dress in an uncluttered area, windows can offer beautiful backlighting.

• Arrange for all your bridesmaids to be at the house and ready for your photographer.

• Know ahead of time what time you need to be in your wedding dress so you can coordinate hair and makeup appointments.

• Decide which room you will be getting dressed in and have it ready for photographs.

• Let your photographer know if you have something special planned such as a toast with bridesmaids or a gift to give someone…these are great moments to capture.

• Allow enough time for your getting ready photographs and for formals, consult with your photographer ahead of time.

• Bring touch up makeup and water to the site of your formal shots.

• Relax and enjoy the day!

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