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Lifestyle photography captures your family in the place where memories begin,  photographs that show the joy, emotions and connections made in daily family life.  Lifestyle is the art of everyday life.

Lifestyle sessions are sessions in your home showing your family in the comfortable familiarity of their own surroundings.  I will help you plan activities for a fun, natural photo shoot.  What does your family enjoy doing together?  What is your favorite "snuggle spot" in the home?   A lifestyle session captures these memories organically.   

My favorite photographs from my childhood are not the portrait studio shots, but rather the photographs of my mom with me and my siblings in the water at the beach, my sister and I baking cookies in our kitchen or my baby brother at bath time.  I love seeing the connection between us, our childhood home and even the wallpaper or furniture in our home at the time.  These are the memories I treasure and look back at often!

Cynthia Starr, Cynthia Starr Photography

Kylie's Lifestyle Session is a great gallery to give you an idea of a lifestyle session!

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